Back on line

Well it has been awhile since I have been online.  It has been hard to keep the computer battery  charged. Craig got a new laptop  in Oct (the other one died) but he did not get a second battery (I will make  sure he puts that on the list for this fall) and he is a little reluctant to plug into the semi for too long as he does not want a dead battery. It is difficult to start the semi with a dead battery. So much for the long explanation for not providing more frequent updates.

After the Tolt we worked at the Overlake Golf and Country Club in Bellevue.  The night we arrived it rained so hard that Craig set the fence up so the goats could go into the trailer. The goats make good use of the trailer, some on the top deck, some on the lower and the smaller ones were smart and went under (that way big goats could not bother them).  Everyone was glad that it cleared up the next morning. The snack shop at the Country Club put up a goat observation canopy with snacks only for the humans.  Craig had some snacks but nothing for me or the goats, maybe next time. After 5 days at the Country Club, we moved up the hill to work for the Issaquah Highlands Homeowners Association. We arrived there on June 25.

We had a very nice day for loading up the animals and the equipment.  Craig got the fence up and the goats out by about 5 pm. It was a nice start for the work at the Highlands.  But the clouds  moved in, the wind picked up and  it started to rain.  The goats let out a bawl and started looking for shelter but the slope had no trees to hide under.  Craig checked the weather report and  it looked like it was going to rain quite hard. Luckily it was easy for Craig to add a section of fence around the trailer so the goats could use it for shelter.  Before Craig opened up the gate several goats were next to the fence staring at the trailer bawling. As soon as Craig opened the fence the goats made a mad dash for the trailer, and most of them spent the night there.

The next day Craig was off to the airport to go to a two day conference in Boulder, Colorado.  I was left in charge but of course I had help as I am not able to put up the fence. Devin Bennett, who has helped watch the goats before, was available to help out.  More help arrived late Friday night, Sue Lani came over with the two bottle kids and Herbie to help out at the Highland’s Day on Saturday. Since Craig was not going to be back until Saturday afternoon, and Highland’s Day started at 9 am on Saturday, Sue Lani came over to run the goat show in the park while Devin and I managed the big herd. Sue Lani  had to handle two bottle kids, Herbie and a bunch of human kids.  We all took a nap before Craig arrived in the Highlands on the bus.  Craig and Sue Lani got to spend 24 hours together before she had to drive back home. Nessie is staying with us to get some training with the big herd and to get exposed to big city noises. I may let her have a chance at the computer tomorrow.



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