Puppies are here!

nessieI gave birth to 5 puppies on Sunday. As Craig went into the garage that morning to let Herbie and I out for our morning run. Herbie did not want to go into the garage. He knew something was different before Craig did. Craig looked into my pen and there were two new puppies. Craig and Sue Lani had put together a nice spot for me to have the puppies, a small water trough lined with newspapers and towels.

The black and white color of the puppies make them look like little panda bears. They are growing fast and are getting nice and chubby. Here is a photo of me and the puppies. They are feeding so it is a little hard to see them all. Craig will get a better photo later today.

On the goat side of things both herds are still out on pasture. A neighbor that has an alfalfa field was nice to let Craig that the large herd there and they will be there until the snow comes. Hopefully, that will not be too soon. Craig checks the weather on a regular basis to check to see if any storm is coming in that could cause a problem for the goats.

Craig will be at the small acreage conference in Spokane on Saturday with Healing Hooves booth to talk people about using goats as a tool for weed management. There are also educational seminars to provide ideas on ways to manage your small acreage as well as ways to generate a profit.  If you live in the Spokane area check out the link  http://sccd.org/Small%20Farms%20Conference%20Program%20web.pdf


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  1. Great job Nessie! I will be looking forward to more pictures as your puppies grow and get more adventuresome. Hope you all have a good winter and the goats as well.

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