It was fairly quiet in Quincy except for one day.  Last Saturday was quite a show of nature’s fireworks. When the the thunder started I was looking for a place to hide. Craig put me in the semi, as a result I did not see much. Signing off for now – Harvey.

This is Nessie, and I saw it all.  A number of times the light show lit up the sky like daylight. Other times big bolts of lightening slashed toward the ground.  At one point we could see the glow of the fire across the river. It looked closer but it is difficult to judge distance at night.  Craig and I joined Harvey in the semi when the wind begin to pick up and it started to ran. It rained fairly hard for 20-30 minutes.

After the rain Craig went and checked on the goats. They were a little nervous. He walked around the fence to make sure it was all still standing. He just had to pound in couple of posts that were leaning.

On Friday, Harvey and I get the opportunity to work. We will be loading up the goats and heading to Western WA.  The Quincy project has been great since Harvey and I can run around and do not have to be on a leash very often. That will change when we get to Western WA. I am looking forward to the adventure as I get to see new areas and meet more people.

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