Healing Hooves, LLC is rapidly becoming a leading weed control, vegetation removal, and ecosystem management company utilizing goats in the Inland Northwest.

Healing Hooves, LLC is owned by Craig and Sue Lani Madsen. Craig brings 15 years of range and pasture management experience to their business that specializes in managing vegetation through the use of goats. Sue Lani works on marketing and financial management. Healing Hooves has approximately 250 head of goats available for vegetation management projects. In most cases all of the goats come on a project. The minimum number of days we like to stay at one site is 3 days which is translates to 1-2 acres in Western WA and 3-6 acres in Eastern WA depending on the amount of vegetation that needs to be removed. The herd is contained within portable electric fencing and a shepherd stays on site to manage the animals. Please contact us for pricing information.

Craig also provides consulting services in pasture and rangeland management. He will assist individuals who want to control weeds on their own property with their own self-propelled weed eaters.