Fall project on the wet side of Washington

The goats and Craig have been working hard to knock down the blackberry thickets, so I (Nessie) took over the keyboard. Last weekend was quite wet. Craig had left an empty trough setting outside. The rain started on Friday evening and by Monday morning there was more than 4 inches of water in the trough.… Continue Reading

Update-Hay hauled and one more project

I, Nessie, was promoted to senior border collie for this last trip of another busy grazing season. Craig and I are still out with the goats on a project near the SeaTac airport. For most of September the goats were out working while the rest of us were at home. The goats were about an… Continue Reading

On the Move – A dog’s eye view

We’ve been working our way around the state of Washington and even made a short trip to Beaverton, Oregon.  Our longest stay was in the Issaquah Highlands. We spent a little over three weeks at four different locations. It was interesting to see how dry  the sites were compared to previous years.   Some of… Continue Reading

On to Dayton

Harvey speaks: At Dayton we work for Columbia County on the levees to manage the weeds and the brush. The levees are steep and  rocky, ideal conditions for the goats to work. The area the goats graze is fairly narrow, from the waters edge to the top of the levee averages around 40 feet wide.… Continue Reading

First Spokane project for the big herd.

Harvey speaks: This June we did a trail project  for WA Department of Transportation to see if goats would be cost effective for WSDOT to use for managing noxious weeds along portions of the highways. The part we worked on was along new portion of Hwy 395 in North Spokane. The goats were out of… Continue Reading

Spring is here!

We had a mild winter. Only a couple of times did we have snow on the ground. The goats gave Craig a couple of surprises. The first kid was born in January (one of the bucklings must have grow up quicker than the rest). The next kid did not come until early March when Craig… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

Harvey says “It has been a mild winter. The goats were able to stay out on pasture longer than usual, which helped reduce the amount of hay needed for the winter. The goats have been in the Big Top (new barn) for a little over a month. The Big Top provides the goats a spot… Continue Reading

Goats are home (and so is Craig)!

Harvey reports: We had a great grazing season. The goats were kept busy for 5 months on projects in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  Once we got home, Craig had to sort the goats to separate the young does from the mature does so he could turn in the bucks. Do not want any of the… Continue Reading