Why Use Goats?

Vegetation Clearing GoatsSite Driven

Agile Goats can easily handle:

  • Steep slopes
  • Rocky or uneven terrain
  • Soft soils & light animal low impact
  • Goats not deterred by dense thickets of thorns (Blackberries, Russian olive)
  • Goats like eating plants that irritate humans: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, English Ivy
  • Goats love to eat brush and weeds more than grass

Alternative Tool

Goats Can:

  • Be less costly than other tools in the right situations
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of herbicides
  • Prevent seed production & plants may go to seed below the cutting level of a mower, can’t evade an agile goat
  • Be selective depending on timing of grazing and how well the goats like the their choices
  • Reduce risk to hand crews and machinery by opening up site making it easier avoid dangers

Goats are Fun

  • Relaxing to watch & proven employee morale booster
  • Entertaining & young goats love to play king of the mountain
  • Good publicity and public relations
  • Green choice & less fuel use, noise, soil disturbance
  • Peaceful to listen to & satisfied eating noises and mothers talking with their kids