Fall project on the wet side of Washington

The goats and Craig have been working hard to knock down the blackberry thickets, so I (Nessie) took over the keyboard. Last weekend was quite wet. Craig had left an empty trough setting outside. The rain started on Friday evening and by Monday morning there was more than 4 inches of water in the trough.  It has been very nice for the goats that the site has lots of trees. The goats huddle under the trees when it is raining hard. Craig brought extra straw and pine shavings just in case he had to give the goats access to the trailer for shelter. I can sneak under the trailer if I don’t want to get wet. Since the rain has been intermittent and the goats get a chance to dry out, the goats have been fine without additional shelter. It also has been fairly warm. It does seem that the goats are getting used to the rain,  I see them out grazing when it is raining lightly.

Nessie back at camp in Seatac November 8, 2015
Nessie back at camp in Seatac November 8, 2015

I was excited to get to work a few times when a couple of goats found weak spots in the fence. Then I got bored on Sunday morning while Craig was cutting blackberries. I decided to check for loose goats all by myself. If the goats can wiggle under the fence, so can I! No goats, but some worried people stopped and asked me to get in their car. I don’t know why they were worried, but I am used to loading up for a ride. I decided they needed my help, so I got in. We drove for awhile and they left me at a place with lots of dogs, but no goats for me to herd. They took my picture and I settled down for a nap. Craig came to pick me up. He was happy to see me, but he said no more treats for a month because he had to pay the nice people $45.

I am back at the camp and have to stay on my lead while Craig finishes packing up. Tomorrow I get to load goats into the trailer!  It has been a great project, but after three weeks Craig is looking forward to returning home to a warm bed and drying out.

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