Work at Highline CC

As I mentioned yesterday, I would get Craig to upload some photos of the project at Highline. Craig and the goats had to work hard to get through the old growth blackberry thickets.



highline before

Here the goats are getting to work on the thicket.








This is what the area looked like after the goats and Craig were finished. Yes it is the same spot.

highline after









This is where we camped out for the 5 days. It was quiet and peaceful if you ignored the planes flying over.

higline ducks









The planes flew right over head on landing for and taking off from SeaTac.

We had a nice quiet day in Fife. Craig was visited by his long time friend Rob. The most important item he brought back was dog food for Nessie and I. We are getting a light rain this evening.  It is freshening the air.



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