Nessie’s Experience

I got my paws on the computer before Harvey this evening.  It has been quite the experience since Sue Lani left me with Craig on June 30.   What an experience for a country dog. I grew up at Mesa, ID which is near Council out in the wide open spaces. It is very similar to my  new home near Edwall.  On this site there are so many houses and cars that Craig keeps me on a leash.  I am used to running up to the butte at full speed, so this is quite the learning experience. I am learning not to pull on the leash and to wait for Craig to give the all clear before going across the street.

I got my first opportunity to work with the big herd last week when we moved to a new spot at the Highlands. I was quite excited and only brought about half of the goats the first time across the field, which worked out fairly well since we have to load two  levels with roughly half of the goats on each level. As Craig and I  were loading the last few goats on the lower level,  I thought Craig wanted me to go inside the trailer. I made a quick dash past Craig and went inside the trailer, and the goats squeezed to the back of the trailer to get away from me. Craig called for me to come back. He was not very happy that I went inside the trailer.  I will try to keep that in mind the next time we load the goats.

The 4th of July was quite the experience. I do not think I have ever heard so much noise. I do not mind loud noises. Harvey hates loud noises.  Craig put me in the truck with Harvey to keep him company while Craig stayed out with the goats to keep them calm. At first the goats were quite nervous, but as they realized the loud noises were not going to hurt them they calmed down and some of them even laid down.  It was good the fireworks were mostly in the distance with only a few closer and none right next to us.

Craig has been taking Harvey and I for walks 3-4 times a day since we have to stay on the leash. Lots of new noises, smells and sights to experience. It has been interesting but I think I like the country where I do not have to be on the leash as much. Tonight Craig took us down to where they are filling up the gravel pit. Craig let us off our leashes. He let Harvey and I run. We ran at full speed. It felt great to run.  I think I am faster than Harvey but he might not agree. We will see who gets to the computer first next time.

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  1. It was great to meet you Nessie. Hope you are enjoying your work and getting better at following directions too! See you again soon.

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