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Happy New Year!

Harvey says “It has been a mild winter. The goats were able to stay out on pasture longer than usual, which helped reduce the amount of hay needed for the winter. The goats have been in the Big Top (new barn) for a little over a month. The Big Top provides the goats a spot… Continue Reading

Goats are home (and so is Craig)!

Harvey reports: We had a great grazing season. The goats were kept busy for 5 months on projects in Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  Once we got home, Craig had to sort the goats to separate the young does from the mature does so he could turn in the bucks. Do not want any of the… Continue Reading

Spring is here!

Craig has been busy finishing the barn for the goats. He has had lost of help from his friend Rich. Also, the use of scaffolding from a neighbor made it possible for two people to work together putting up the end frame and end tarps. The feeders were being finished as the goats started kidding… Continue Reading

March weather

March came in like a lion, 12 degrees with wind chill below zero.  It looks like it will go out like a lamb. Craig is hoping it will since the goats will start kidding towards the end of next week. The kidding barn is almost done. Craig needs to adjust the big tarp the goes… Continue Reading

The changing weather

Wow, the weather made a quick change from this weekend to today.  On Saturday the wind was blowing and it was quite cold. Craig put on a face mask even with his beard to protect his face from the cold wind. It was below zero with the wind chill. Today the sun was peaking through… Continue Reading


We are finally getting snow. We have around 5-6 inches. The snow is great fun to roll in. Both Herbie and I have a problem with the snow freezing to the hair on our feet. It does make it a little challenging to walk. But it is great way to cool off and scratch your… Continue Reading

Goats and Dogs

I got an opportunity to work today. Craig needed to corral all the kid goats so he could give them shots. So I got to go over to the Cloverdale ranch with Craig and Rich. Nessie had to stay home in the kennel.  It was a quick job to  run the goats around the small… Continue Reading

It is the start of a new year

Nessie here reporting. It was quite a New Year at the ranch. Three of my puppies have moved to their new homes.  Dot (renamed Amy) move to Sprague for a future working with sheep, Ruff (renamed Jed) has a new home with Goat Pros working with goats on weed projects and Snowy wins the prize… Continue Reading

It has been a busy couple of months.

This is Nessie catching you  up on what has been happening. I have been busy taking care of puppies and Craig has been busy working on putting up the new building for the goats. The puppies have grown up fast and they have been weaned. I get a break from feeding them. Now, it is… Continue Reading

Puppies are here!

I gave birth to 5 puppies on Sunday. As Craig went into the garage that morning to let Herbie and I out for our morning run. Herbie did not want to go into the garage. He knew something was different before Craig did. Craig looked into my pen and there were two new puppies. Craig… Continue Reading