Nessie’s adventure continues

Harvey is taking a nap so it is my turn to update you on what has been happening. I am becoming a well traveled dog. My adventure started in Dayton and now I am in Beaverton, OR.  We are working at a large Business Park.  On the edge of the Business Park is a small stream and the client is working on reclaiming these areas from the blackberries. The client has used goats before but a much smaller herd of 30-40 goats. They have been quite impressed with what a herd of 240 goats can do in one day. Our herd will treat in a week what the other herd took over a month to do. They what us to come back next year. Since our goats are eating their way through the pens fairly quickly, Craig has some long days to keep ahead of the goats. There are three areas they want us to treat and they are not right next to each other, so Craig has to load the goats to move them to the next area. It would be a too challenging to herd them across the road and through the landscaping to get to the next pen. We moved the goats to the second pen yesterday and will move to the last pen on Tuesday.

The goats have enjoyed climbing the large, leaning willow trees. The adventurous goats get access to the tasty willow leaves and branches that other goats cannot reach.

Craig has been taking us for several walks each day. There are  a few trails along the stream and some vacant lots to explore. Lots of interesting smells as other dogs are exploring the area as well. There is even a beaver in the creek and it is making a pond.

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