On to Dayton

Harvey speaks: At Dayton we work for Columbia County on the levees to manage the weeds and the brush. The levees are steep and  rocky, ideal conditions for the goats to work. The area the goats graze is fairly narrow, from the waters edge to the top of the levee averages around 40 feet wide. Thus, the goats keep Craig busy with setting up and taking down the fencing. We work on three sites. One site is next the home of an elderly gentlemen who enjoys seeing the goats and likes to help Craig put up and take down the fencing. He is does not like people trespassing on his property but he sure enjoys the work the goats do and watching Nessie and I work.

One of the other sites is next to the golf course. We have to watch out for flying golf balls when we are working on that part of the levee. There are also squirrels at the golf course.  Nessie has a little story to tell about the close encounter with a squirrel.

Nessie speaks: Craig was setting in his chair reading his book and I was watching the squirrel that was about 75 yards away. It came down out of the tree and was running around between two trees. I was watching it for several minutes, then I decided to make a mad dash to catch the squirrel. It was sooooooo close. The squirrel was headed for the closest tree when it changed its mind and headed for a tree a little farther away. I was literally right on its tail when it made it to the tree. Just missed.  No other close calls so that was my excitement at the Dayton golf course.

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