Back at the Tolt



fort ward goats

On Wednesday I helped Craig gather the goats off the hill at Fort Ward Park. It was a steep slope and a few of the goats tried to hide at the top of the slope, but we found them all. Once the goats were loaded Craig went up and down the slope a few times to gather all the fence. We had good timing again for the ferry as we arrived as it was being loaded.







tolt sunny day goats

Then we arrived safely at the Tolt Watershed and it was not raining, which is unusual since it up in the mountains. Thursday it rained off and on but today we had no rain and the sun broke through the clouds. The goats really enjoyed the sunshine.









Here I am resting after a great game of fetch. I am also enjoying the scenery. Today we could see the snow on the tops of the mountains.

sunny tolt  snowy mtns

harvey resting tolt

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