First Spokane project for the big herd.

Harvey speaks: This June we did a trail project  for WA Department of Transportation to see if goats would be cost effective for WSDOT to use for managing noxious weeds along portions of the highways. The part we worked on was along new portion of Hwy 395 in North Spokane. The goats were out of sight of the motorists to make sure no one was watching the goats instead of the road.

The goats were working on knapweed, Dalmatian Toadflax and common bugloss. We focused the goats on the areas they work well, on which is steep slopes and soft soils. The goats had been exposed to a little common bugloss a few years ago but this was the first time there was a lot of it to eat. The goats ate bugloss but they definitely preferred the knapweed and the toadflax. We treated two sites for a total of around 10 acres.

Working close to home has it advantages. Sue Lani came over to have dinner with Craig one evening, which was very nice. Craig also was able to hire a goat sitter for one day so he could go to Silverwood Theme Park with Sue Lani, Sandy, Fran and the grandkids, Gabe and Genevieve. Craig had a lot of fun. Sue Lani dropped off Herbie for Reece to watch as well. Herbie and I do not get along real well. We got into a little tussle and Reece chained us to the opposite ends of the trailer.  Nessie got to run around off leash. When Craig got back, he cleaned up the small puncture wound under my jaw and put some salve on it. It healed up just fine. Sue Lani said I was a grumpy old man. Maybe so. I told that Herbie to stay off my lawn.

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