Goats and Dogs

I got an opportunity to work today. Craig needed to corral all the kid goats so he could give them shots. So I got to go over to the Cloverdale ranch with Craig and Rich. Nessie had to stay home in the kennel.  It was a quick job to  run the goats around the small pen and into the shed.  A couple of them ran by Craig and Rich the first time so I had to round the them up and bring them back and they went in the pen the second time.

After  giving the kids their medicine Craig and Rich work on the new kidding barn. It has been several weeks since Craig has worked on the new building. The building survived the big wind storm in good condition. The building had some minor damage, a couple of the pipes that hold down the tarp were bent but it is all repairable. The remaining work to be done on the barn is to install the end panels. After the end panels are up the whole building needs to be pulled to the west about a foot. This will square up the building and make it possible to tie the end panels to the end rafters.

Time is slipping away but there is still about two months until the does will start kidding. If Craig starts focusing again on the building and gets some much needed help from friends, the building and feeders will all be finished on time.

Two puppies are still at home, Patches and Stinker. They really enjoy annoying Herbie. I think Herbie is jealous of all the attention the puppies are getting. It is quite a site to see the puppies running after Herbie and him trying to get away. They are small but fast.

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