Goats return to Redmond, then Kirkland and back to Quincy

The goats  had a short trip from Issaquah to Redmond last Tuesday. It turned out to be quite the blessing that we left on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. It poured down rain on and off all day Wednesday. The goats had trees and a small shed for shelter.  If we had still been at the Highlands there would have been no shelter for the goats.  In case you do not know, goats do NOT like rain.

At Louise’s we all get spoiled. The goats had shelter to get out of the rain. Craig gets treated like one of the family, good food, great company and even special desserts. Nessie and I also got some special doggie treats. It is our vacation on the road.

On Sunday Craig used both of us to load the goats. It worked fairly well. Nessie has not learned the “back off” command so more than half of the goats were load on the top deck. It was OK since we were only going a short distance. We left Redmond around 10:30 am and arrived in Kirkland before 11 and the goats were out eating before noon.

It was a small project in Kirkland so I helped Craig load the goats Monday night for a trip back to Quincy. Craig was planning to get on the road by 6:30 pm but things took a little longer and we left at 7 pm. Craig was praying that we would make it over the pass before it closed at 8 pm. One sign said that the road was closed 10 miles ahead but it was still about 10 minutes to 8. Craig kept driving. As we headed down the east side of the pass, there were a bunch of vehicles getting ready to pull on the highway.  I think we made it with only minutes to spare.  After passing the blast zone, the vehicles headed west were stopped. It was interesting to have the freeway to ourselves.

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