Harvey Says: Goats Good Job Gets Contract Extended

The herd is still eating blackberries and ivy at Meldrum Bar Park south of Portland, almost 14-1/2 acres total. Craig is having a hard time catching up to the goats. He has to use a hedge trimmer to knock the canes all the way to the ground.

The first few weeks it was very noisy because of construction. We have been here for over a month and I only got to work one day. Mostly I go swimming and wait for Craig to take me for a walk. A rooster and two cats live at the park. The rooster wakes us up every morning and the neighbors feed them every day. The cats are friendly to one neighbor but won’t let anyone else near them, especially me.

Last week the goats crossed the creek on the pedestrian bridge to finish off the other bank, and tomorrow they will be coming back across the bridge. I am bored, because the goats are so used to moving now that they do not need my guidance. We are looking forward to going home on Thursday, if everything goes as planned. However, things do not always go as planned with goats. Maybe we will get to go home early!

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