It has been a busy couple of months.

This is Nessie catching you  up on what has been happening. I have been busy taking care of puppies and Craig has been busy working on putting up the new building for the goats. The puppies have grown up fast and they have been weaned. I get a break from feeding them. Now, it is Craig and Sue Lani’s turn to feed them and take them on walks without getting all tangled up with 5 puppies running around their feet.  Over the next several weeks the puppies will be leaving for their new homes. It will be sad to see them go.

The tarp is up on the new building. Craig and Sue Lani are very thankful for all the help from neighbors and friends on putting the building together.  The building project would not have been possible without all the help. We are so blessed to have such helpful friends.

It has been nice that the weather has warmed up. Craig has heaters in all the goat pens at Cloverdale which makes it much easier to make sure the goats have water. The building is going to be an ongoing project this winter. The end walls need to go up, a 12 foot door installed on the west end,  the structure needs to be pulled plumb to get the tarp to line up correctly and feeders need to be built so the goats can be feed from the center.  Hopefully, it will be a mild winter with a light amount of snow.

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