It has been awhile since Nessie or I have been on the computer. We spent 5 days at Highline Community College in Des Moines (WA). It was a nice spot next to a stormwater retention pond. There were a group of ducks (at least 12) that were quite entertaining to watch. Most of the time the ducks were swimming around quietly but every once in awhile some of them would chase each other around the pond in a wild sprint, flapping their wings and diving under the water. It would have been a nice peaceful spot, if the planes did not take off or land right over the top of our heads. It seemed they came by every 5-10 minutes and sometimes two at a time.

Craig had to work fairly hard on one area the goats had not treated before. The blackberry canes were 20-30 feet up in the trees and created walls between the trees (I will get Craig to upload some pictures tomorrow).  We spent 5 days at Highline and then moved onto a project near Redmond for Louise. We have been coming to Louise’s for several years and she calls it her vacation. She enjoys watching the goats and pampers Craig and us. Craig got fresh eggs from her chickens, bacon for several great breakfasts and Chinese food for dinner one night. Nessie and I got a bag of dog bones for the road.

We picked up two new additions to the herd, Blue and Alton. Rachael bought them from Craig back in 2006. It was tough for Rachael to see Blue and Alton go but it is possible she may have to move and would not have a place for them. They have adapted well to the herd and even loaded into the trailer without any problems. We will take good care of them for Rachael.

Today we move to a project for the City of Fife. Lots of blackberries and Japanese knotweed. The goats love the knotweed. It makes a lot of crackling noise when the goats break it down. We will be here for 4-5 days then it is off to Beaverton, OR for a project.

Nessie and I will bug Craig to put up some photos tomorrow.

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