Busy week at home

Craig has been busy building fence with the help of his brother, Kevin and friend Rich.  My quest was to capture a ground squirrel but I did not have any luck. Yesterday we were out in cold wind, it rain a little and even tried to snow.  I laid down next to a sagebrush to get out of the cold wind. The rest of the crew was out in the cold and put on extra layers and winter coats to stay warm.   Everyone was quite happy when the sun broke through the clouds and warmed up the icy fingers. When the fencing project is done it will make it a lot easier for Sue Lani to manage the Cloverdale herd.

Sue Lani brought home another helper, another border collie. Her name is Nester or Nessy. She will be helping Sue Lani with the Cloverdale herd .   The herd has expanded to about 70 head.  That number will grow when the kidding starts in June.

If the weather cooperates, we will be back out working on the fence this afternoon. Right now the thunder and rain put that project on hold.

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