Goats made a another quick stop in Bellevue then on to Issaquah

Harvey here. We spent the last weekend at the Bus Facility at East Base in Bellevue to clean up the English Ivy and a few blackberry canes. On Monday we arrived to a warm welcome to Issaquah Highlands for regular treatment of the steep slopes for weeds.

The first location we are working at is Vista Park, just up the hill from the Issaquah Park and Ride. It is a good location for people to see the goats.  The unload went fairly smoothly except for the last 6 goats – Cutie One, the three bottle kids and a couple of other young goats. They wanted to stay and eat the landscaping instead of going down the hill. First Craig took Nessie to move them down the hill but she chased them back into the trailer. So Craig put Nessie back into the semi and took me into the Pen.  Craig sent me into the trailer to get Cutie out and I got her close to the door so Craig could pull her out.  Then we were able to get them to move down the hill with the rest of the goats.

On the 4th of July, the fireworks started early and I do not like loud noises, so Craig put me in the semi. I will have to turn the computer over to Nessie to tell how the evening went.

We did have a little excitement. Craig fenced out some trees so that the goats would not eat them. A few goats had gotten into the area where the trees were, and Craig was trying to get them out without all the other goats getting in. It did not work.  Some goats started jumping over the fence and a few went through since Craig had turned the fence off so he could adjust it. Craig put up a short piece of netting to make sure the goats did not go too far. Then he opened up the pen so all the goats were in one spot. Next Craig turned the electric fence back on and once we chased the goats back in the pen, he could make the fence hot before the goats decided to try to get back into the area with the trees. I (Nessie) chased the goats back into the pen and moved them down the hill a little distance so Craig could get the fence back up. We saved the trees!

Craig and I stayed out near the pen until most of the fireworks were done about 11 pm. I do not like all the loud noise but I am not as nervous as Harvey. The goats were a little nervous at first then most of them lay down. It was nice the fireworks were in the distance and not right on top of us. Craig was glad Issaquah does not allow fireworks in the city limits. We survived another 4th of July in the Highlands.

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