Goats in the rough at Overlake Golf & Country Club

Craig had another easy drive from Oregon back to WA. Only one slow down getting across the bridge into WA. Our goats are working on a new area for the golf course. It is quite a thicket of blackberries. Craig had to pull out the metal panels again to smash down the tall thicket so the goats can reach the green canes. The old canes are quite brittle and smash down quite easily with lots of cracking noises.

This week is youth golf camp so we have been having lots of young visitors looking at the goats. I (Nessie) make sure they stay away from the trailer. I bark at them (I think I scared a couple of them). Craig has told me several times to stop. I listen most of the time.

We even got a surprise visitor. Sue Lani and Herbie came to visit. Craig knew they were coming but Harvey and I were surprised. Harvey and Herbie were not glad to see each other. They growled at each other. I on the other hand was glad to see Herbie as he likes to play more than Harvey.

Sue Lani came over to help Reece take a group of goats to the Issaquah Highlands.  The Highlands wanted to show off how they use goats to manage the weeds on their steep areas. It was a meeting of other Home Owner Association managers. Craig was already booked and could not bring our goats so Reece with Goat Pros had time in his schedule to bring over 60 goats for 3 days.

The goats  are happy there are trees to hide under since it has rained off and on for the last couple of days. Tomorrow we move onto our next project, King County Metro at the East Base bus station.


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