Happy New Year!

Harvey says “It has been a mild winter. The goats were able to stay out on pasture longer than usual, which helped reduce the amount of hay needed for the winter. The goats have been in the Big Top (new barn) for a little over a month. The Big Top provides the goats a spot where they can eat their hay out of the wind and weather.  The big Top will also provide more space in mid-March when the does start kidding. The additional space will make it easier for each doe to find a cozy spot to have her kids.”

“Nessie and I have it easy for the winter, going on walks a couple of times a day and racing up the road to the butte.”

Nessie says, “I am faster than Harvey. He only takes off running if he has a head start. But he still is not able to beat me down the hill. On occasion one of us gets go with Craig to check and feed the goats. I like to jump in the pickup before Harvey so I can go.”

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