Spring is here!

We had a mild winter. Only a couple of times did we have snow on the ground. The goats gave Craig a couple of surprises. The first kid was born in January (one of the bucklings must have grow up quicker than the rest). The next kid did not come until early March when Craig and Sue Lani were down in Arizona visiting Sue Lani’s sister. Kevin, Craig’s brother, was keeping an eye on the goats as well as Nessie and I.  Then it was a couple of weeks before the more goats started giving birth. Since the middle of March 38 kids have been born. The little kids are running and jumping all over the barn yard.

About 1/3 of the goats have kidded so we are expect about another 95 kids to be born in the next couple of weeks. Craig is hoping the goats keep kidding at a good pace so they will be all done April 21. Craig would like for all the kids to be at least two weeks old before we head out on our first project of the year which will be early May.

The goats are enjoying the big top as it stays fairly warm and blocks the wind. Craig is hoping it stays mostly warm and dry for the rest of the kidding season.


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