Nice visit to Oregon

We arrived safely to Hillsboro, OR on Tuesday. Craig was happily surprised that the drive went very smoothly with little traffic. We are working at the same location we worked at last September. The owner wanted us back early this year. We are working on one new area with lots of blackberries (the old growth type – dense and tall). The new herd got a chance to try climbing on the wire panels to smash down the blackberry canes. Some of the goats figured it out. They definitely figured out quickly that Craig was the source of food  as he pulled the blackberry canes out of the trees and bushes and moved the wire panels around.

We are working at a Business Park so Nessie and I have to stay on the leash most of the time.  At night when everyone is gone Craig lets us run around off leash. Nessie wants to play but I am getting too old to sprint; I move at a slower pace.

Even with the leather gloves and leather wraps for his arms, Craig’s arms are showing the signs of battling blackberries. Lots of scratches but only a couple of thorns that had to be dug out. The goats did a great job on the blackberries and Canada thistle.

The six days went by fast and tomorrow we are back on the road and headed to Overlake Golf and Country Club in Bellevue for the week. Craig always finds lots of golf balls and the goats have lots of people watching them.

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