Quick trip to Quincy

We made a quick trip to Quincy last Saturday to work on a project for Intuit.  It was a short visit since we only had  four days before we had to go back to Western WA for more projects.  The weather was warmer and we only got a few drops of rain. It was nice to be able to see the horizon and the sunset. We also were visited by Sue Lani. She arrived for dinner on Monday and went home after dinner on Tuesday. Craig was very happy to see her.

Sue Lani brought along Herbie and Nessie. We all went on several walks.  Nessie and I had to race. She might be a little bit faster than I am but I had a sore foot (Craig had to remove two cheatgrass seeds that had worked their way between my toes). Herbie just lumbers along behind, he is not built for speed.

On Wednesday we traveled back across the mountains to Bainbridge Island to work on another project for the Parks Department.  Craig took pictures of the prep and trip.  I will include the pictures in a blog tomorrow along with a description of a typical moving day.

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