Managing in Western WA

On Friday Craig had a visit from Betsey and Bob, friends who live close to Des Moines.  They brought pizza and the plan was to eat next to the tennis courts, but  it was raining. Since it is not very fun eating out in the rain, it was decided to take Craig to their house for a more pleasant eating experience.  It was nice for Craig to eat at a real table again.

On Sunday we loaded up the goats and headed to our next project for a private homeowner near Kent. It is a site with lots of blackberries that have taken over what was a horse pasture. It has been quite wet.  The adventurous kids found a good place to stay dry, a  nice chicken coop that is currently unoccupied.  It was a great place for the smaller kids as they fit easily through the small chicken door. No adults to bother them since they were too big to fit through the small opening.

We are getting spoiled at this location.  Our clients have a rental house that is currently vacant and they are letting us use it.  Craig is enjoying cooking inside, hot showers,  unlimited power for the computer and I am enjoying laying on the soft carpet.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little drier. I do not think the weather report is too promising. Oh well. We can look forward to Friday.

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