Spring is here!

Craig has been busy finishing the barn for the goats. He has had lost of help from his friend Rich. Also, the use of scaffolding from a neighbor made it possible for two people to work together putting up the end frame and end tarps. The feeders were being finished as the goats started kidding at the end of March.

The nice weather has been a blessing for making it fairly easy kidding season. As of last night there were 88 baby goats running around at the barn. It is quite the site to see all the little goats running around at a mad dash. The little goats were going through the cattle panels. Craig was worried that a coyote might pick one off, so he surrounded the pens with electric netting. The little goats learn quickly not to touch the fence. It may seem like a hard lesson but it keeps them safe for the coyotes.

About 10 does left to kid so we are getting closer to the end of another kidding season and the start of a new grazing season. We will probably be heading out on the road in about 4 weeks to attack blackberries, weeds and brush.

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