March weather

March came in like a lion, 12 degrees with wind chill below zero.  It looks like it will go out like a lamb. Craig is hoping it will since the goats will start kidding towards the end of next week.

The kidding barn is almost done. Craig needs to adjust the big tarp the goes over the top of the building. He was able to move it over using ratchets. He thought last Sunday was going to be the day to finish adjusting the tarp. But the wind had another idea. Craig had undone 3 inch straps so he could move the tarp. So on Saturday he tied the tarp down with baling twine. Good old baling twine useful for many things. It will snap if under significant pressure.  So as Craig was driven over to work on the barn, Sue Lani received a call from Melva, who is renting the house at Cloverdale,  saying that the tarp was flapping.  With the help of Richard, Melva, and Sue Lani, Craig was able to tie the tarp back down. Close call but no damage.

Since it has been windy most of the week, Craig has been working the feeders that will go inside the kidding barn. If the weather person is correct there should be little wind tomorrow. Today, Craig took the semi to Davenport to get the rest of the supplies to finish the feeders and the plywood to line the inside of the barn.  Hopefully,  with one last push this weekend Craig will be able to finish the main part of the kidding barn with the help of a friend, Rich.

If all goes well, the barn will be done just in time for when the goats start kidding. Cross your fingers.

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