The changing weather

Wow, the weather made a quick change from this weekend to today.  On Saturday the wind was blowing and it was quite cold. Craig put on a face mask even with his beard to protect his face from the cold wind. It was below zero with the wind chill. Today the sun was peaking through the clouds and the water was running down the road from all the snow melt.

The goats went from hiding in the barn to get out of the wind to walking through the mud. Craig does not like dealing with mud but it is better than the icy cold wind. It is a blessing that the goat buildings are located on high ground. This is the second time this winter we have had a lot of run off due to the quick weather change. Craig will be out vaccinating the goats this week. It will be much easier to give them shots know since the medicine will not freeze inside the syringe. Once that is done it is back to work on the barn to get it done in the next couple of weeks. The pressure is on to finish before the goats start kidding. Pray for good weather.


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