Two little surprises

We moved to Western WA on Tuesday. The cooler weather is nice. Definitely not as hot as Quincy.  After Craig got the goats out into the pen, one doe was making a lot of noise. She was acting like she was looking for her kid but she did not have one. At least at that point in time she didn’t have one. Later that evening Craig took this picture.

new addition 1









Then on Friday we had another surprise.

new addition 2









Both does are new moms and they were excellent. They even had the kids under the trees as  it was raining on Friday. Craig is hoping for no more surprises. The little guys hide quite well and can be hard to find when moving the goats to the next pen.

The goats are working on Japanese knotweed and blackberries. Goats love to eat the knotweed.

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