Craig can see snow up on the mountains to the west but is is warm in Quincy. Nessie and I are staying close to the shade. The wind has been quite steady. A breeze is nice to keep us cooler but the strong wind kicking up the dust is a little too strong.  The goats are going through about 150 gallons of water a day. Craig has been getting up early to put up the day’s pen in the cool of the morning.

On Saturday Craig was invited to Intuit’s spring employees gathering.  There was great food, a real hamburger, not a frozen disc.  They placed the Bouncy Castle behind the building to block the wind. That was a good idea. The little shade canopies wanted to fly away in the wind.  Someone got a good idea and used the water and pop buckets to anchor some of the canopies. Several children came over to see the kid goats in the trailer. Craig is keeping the three bottle kids in the trailer so they will not go through the electric fence when they see him coming.

We have not had to work too hard since Craig just runs the goats between pens. We get to run around off the leash which is very nice.

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