Wrapped up our first project of the season.

Harvey and I had a great time at Tubbs Hill in Couer d’ Alene, ID. We got to meet lots of different dogs, climb up and down hills, swim in the lake, and get lots of attention. We also met Jed and Sadie, GoatPros border collies. I almost forgot we also met Oz the working Schnauzer. For a little dog it has no fear of the goats and would bite them mostly on command.

We were working on Tubbs Hill for about a week before GoatPros joined us with their 100 goats. Reece and Charlie Dobson are the shepherds and Jed, Sadie and Oz are the helpers. I got to see Jed again, he is Harvey and my son.  He is not as heavy as Harvey but he is longer. He is going to be a big boy when he is fully grown.

With the two herds working at the same time we were able to treat the 22 acres in a little over two weeks. Reece and Craig learned an important lesson on working with two herds. Make sure you keep them far enough apart so they cannot see each other or it becomes more challenging to keep them inside the fence.  We did have to do some sorting when both herds pulled out on Monday.

Tubbs Hill is a popular spot for people to go hiking an walking their dogs. Everyone was happy to see the goats and pleased with the good work they were doing eating the shrubs so their would be less fuel to burn if there happened to be a fire. It was a nice location to be, hopefully they will ask us back next year.

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