On to Quincy

We moved from the forest to the desert on Monday afternoon. We had all enjoyed the nice shade of the forest at Tubbs Hill. Now we are following the shade around the trailer in Quincy. We just finished a project for Yahoo and moved this morning down the road about a mile to Intuit.  I am sure the goats enjoyed the short haul.

This morning Craig set up the ramp to load the goats and they started to load without Harvey or I helping. The top was loaded before Craig came and got me (Nessie) to load the bottom. The goats knew they were out of feed and they were all ready to move to the next spot. Craig had set up the next pen earlier this morning so the goats were out working at Intuit before 10 am.

We are in Quincy for another 6 days and then we load up and go to Highline Community College in Western WA.,

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