Back at work

We all had 10 days off from traveling around the state. Nessie and I spent the time at home in Edwall. Craig and Sue Lani went on several trips. Sue Lani and her Mom, Fran, picked up the grandchildren in Billings, Montana – about the halfway point as they live in Minot, N.D (a long ways from here).  On July 20 they all went to Council, ID (Herbie got to go along as he is more cuddly for the grandchildren; Nessie and I want to herd them) to attend Craig’s Mom’s family reunion.  Nessie and I kept an eye on things at home and Richard came by each day to feed us and make sure we were not getting into trouble. I was bossing Nessie around so she did not get much to eat while Craig was away.  Craig got back home on Wednesday morning and Sue Lani and the grandchildren came out in the afternoon.

Craig started working on getting things ready to go back on the road.  We headed off to Dayton Saturday, July 27, in the  afternoon so we would arrive in the cool of the evening.  We are working along the levees outside of Dayton. The goats are eating the brush and tree sprouts to keep them from taking over the levees again. The County has been pulling the trees and shrubs off the levee for the past several years to reduce the chance that they will damage the levee.

Nessie came with us. Since we have to treat three areas, Nessie and I have been taking turns loading the goats. We do not like taking turns as the one that is not helping Craig is whining in the truck.  Nessie is doing a good job of helping Craig and she is learning to listen when she is in the heat of action.

dayton star levee finish

The goats are currently working on the last area and are finishing up the last of the brush and weeds. They are talking to Craig and telling him it is time to move.


We will be moving in the morning to a small project for the Dayton Pioneer Cemetery. It is a one day project and then we are off to Quincy.

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