We spent two days at the Dayton Pioneer Cemetery. On Monday night just before dark I helped Craig move the goats off the hill to a night pen. Craig put up an electric fence to keep the goats in for the night. He wanted to keep the goats safe from coyotes.

Tuesday morning we got off early so that we could the goats loaded before it was hot. We were heading to Quincy and Craig knew it was going to be hot.  Since I helped Craig on Monday night, Nessie got the job of helping Craig load the goats.  She listens fairly well. She does have the tendency to rush into the middle of the goats instead of going all the way around them. She does have a good eye – she watches the goats closely and can get them to move with little movement (as long as she is thinking clearly). We were on the road by 8 am and arrived in Quincy a little after 11 am.

It is a little smoky today. The fire is a long way from us, 20-30 miles away and on the other side of the Columbia River. The last couple of nights we have been able to see the glow of the flames on the ridge.

The goats are eating weeds on the areas that cannot be mowed due to the steep slope, rocks or irrigation pipe laying on the surface of the ground. It is a pretty easy project for Nessie and I but Craig is kept fairly busy putting up netting to keep ahead of the goats. Today we had some action as we ran the goats across the access road to a new pen. Craig did not put up an alleyway between the two pens. Instead he made a large opening in the new pen and Nessie and I herded them across.  The move went well with no escapees . Now we get to lounge under the trailer in the shade.

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