Back in Western WA

After a nice visit to Dayton we moved over to the west side, or is that wet side.  On Tuesday Craig with my help (of course) loaded up the goats and equipment and headed across WA to Des Moines. It was a nice drive until we were approaching the 405 South exit off of I-90, then things slowed down. It was stop and go traffic for the next 15 miles but we arrive safely at Highline Community College. It was nice blessing that it did not rain while Craig was setting up the fence.  But since we are on the wet side it did rain that night.

This morning Craig set up a new pen for the goats. Most of the goats followed him to the new pen but there were about 8 baby goats that decided to stay behind. Craig came and got me out of the semi to help move them in the right direction. Without any moms around the kids were not sure which direction to go.  Craig sent me around them to bring them to him. That sort of worked but then the kids and I started playing circle the big rock and we were not making any progress. Then one of the kids made a run for the other end of the pen with me in hot pursuit. Since the fence was off the kid decided going through the fence was  a better option than being chased by me. Craig then got involved to get the kid back inside the fence. With a little more work we got all the kids in the same spot again. Craig with some effort caught the youngest one and carried him. With all the goat kids back in one place. Craig and I were able to move them along the fence.  I wanted to go around them and bring them back to Craig while Craig wanted me to walk up and push them along the fence. We got our signals straight and everyone moved in the right direction. So about 15 minutes later our little group of renegades were back with the herd. There was a nice break in the weather during all this activity.

By the way did I say it was raining again?  But  I guess that is what makes things grow so fast on the wet side.

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