On the Road!

Yes, we did make it on the road on Saturday, May 11 thanks to friends.  It was quite a convoy. Craig borrowed a friend’s diesel truck which pulled the big trailer with most of the goats, Sue Lani drove our pickup with the little trailer loaded with all the equipment, Tom Dobson loaded 34-40 goats in his trailer, and Reece followed in his pickup. We arrived in Dayton 7:15 pm, and with all the help we quickly set up a pen for the goats and they were out in the pen before dark.

Sue Lani went and got dinner for everyone. Tom had a quick bite before heading back home. Sue Lani also headed home after a bite and unloading the last items out of the pickup. Craig even remembered to take the hitch off the little pickup so he could pull the little trailer with the diesel truck.

Reece stayed to help out Craig and see how the levee project worked. Reece and I became quick companions as he likes to rub my ears and pull off ticks. Reece set up his tent the first night. Craig decided to sleep in the truck the first night. The second night Craig set up his tent since he did not have the semi to sleep in. I got to sleep in the tent as well. I even shared my ticks as Craig woke up one night with two ticks crawling on him ( at least they were not attached).

The part for the semi was suppose to be in on Tuesday so Craig called to check. It came in and it had been sent to Cummins for programming and should be back Wed. To make a long story short the truck was finished Thursday morning so Craig left Reece and I in charge of the goats and headed home with the diesel truck and little trailer at 10 am.  He met up with Fran at home and headed to Freedom Truck Center to get the truck, which was all done but the paperwork.  Craig arrived at 1 pm and the person at the service desk said just another half-hour to finish the paperwork. Well it sure was a long half-hour as Craig did not leave there until 2:45. But we got the semi and it is running great!  Craig is really happy to have the semi back.

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