Still at home

I helped move the new herd down to the pasture on Sunday. Craig and I had a nice run. Craig was out front leading and I was bringing up the rear making sure everyone was following. Sue Lani was helping to keep one group of goats from wandering while Craig and I were working on getting the last couple of goats out of the barn. Then we were off on a jog to the meadow. Everyone, even the goats, were breathing hard after our run.

Preparing to get out on the road is always stressful. This year it has been extra stressful.  When Craig started the semi on Tuesday it was running rough. He had to take it to the shop and it is still in the shop. We were supposed to be in Dayton on Wed, May 8. The semi was suppose to be done today but found out today it needs another part which will not be in until Tuesday.  Craig and Sue Lani are working on plan B.  They are going to borrow a friend’s vehicle to haul the goats to Dayton. Hopefully, we will get there tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

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